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Cutoff for the December 2021 editions
Discovery Pack

Discover our incredible Spy Valley flagship range with hand selected wines for any occasion.

Wine selections will vary each shipment, image does not reflect wines received.

Reconnaissance Pack

Broaden your pallet and explore further with a mixed selection of Spy Valley wines and a premium, single vineyard Envoy bottle for your enjoyment. Carefully selected for you to drink now, or cellar for a special occasion.

Wine selections will vary each shipment, image does not reflect wines received.

Connoisseurs Pack

An extraordinary selection of our premium single vineyard Envoy wines, grown exclusively on our estate vineyards from time proven micro-sites. The wine making approach is very low intervention in order to express the true character of both site and variety.

Wine selections are tailored to suit the season ahead and will include both red and white varietals. Wines will vary each shipment, image does not reflect wines received.


What’s in the box

All members will receive an extensive package describing each wine, providing tasting notes and teaching you how to experience the subtleties of each bottle. Members will also receive food pairing suggestions and a delicious recipe to try!


Free freight on all orders within New Zealand. We are unable to ship to PO Box addresses. Someone over the age of 18 must be present to sign for the delivery. Online orders are for delivery within New Zealand only, to find out if our wines are available in your country click here. We offer free shipping on case orders to Australia; please contact us for the details.


When will I receive my wine?  Wine packages are shipped out to our members four times a year. You will receive an email notification prior to each shipment in March, June, September, December.


If you choose a subscription your credit card will be debited in the corresponding shipping months until you cancel. If you choose a gift you will be billed only for the number of months you select.


Subscriptions:  All purchases are transacted through Johnson Estate Limited, which is the name that will show up on your credit card.


Gifting:  When you checkout you can select the quantity - equal to the number of months - you’d like to purchase. You will then be billed  for the entire gift amount.

No Initiation fee / No Cancellation fee

No extra fees here. You only pay for the wine that is delivered directly to your door. After a minimum of two shipments, you are able to suspend or cancel your subscription without penalty fees.